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Ijiwaru My Master / Luca (1)

Lucaaa!!! :DDD

So in the last post, we left off with Luca throwing the ball to Kurumi (i.e. ME) to decide who she wants to go with. Since I've long made up my mind to do Luca's route first, I chose...NEITHER. :D


Kurumi ended up not answering and looking at Luca with pleading eyes. Seeing that, Luca told Eins and Evans he's not selling Kurumi anymore (cue wtf looks from both Eins and Evans) because she seems to be ill and it'd cause trouble for them.

Since both guys didn't fancy the idea of bringing a sickly maid home and have her die on them later, they gave up and went on their ways. (Sorry guys. Later!) Luca then released Kurumi. She asked him why he's letting her go and he told her 「可哀想になったから~」 and 「やっぱり、自然に帰してあげないとね~」


Yeah. So then Luca left Kurumi alone in the market and went on his merry way. HOW KIND OF HIM. XP Of course, it didn't take long for Kurumi to realise that she has no idea where she is and neither does she know how to go back to where she came from, so she chased after Luca for help. She told him about what happened to her and remarked that she hopes this is all a dream but Luca was like "Uh no, it's not...?" Haha.

Luca then told her that she has been transported to the demon world (something that happens occasionally it seems), a place which is made up of two main territories (one of them ruled by the demon king and one made up of a cluster of powerful demons' own territories) and one where the moon changes colour according to the time of the day (i.e. there is no sun in the demon world yo).

So it is now concluded that Kurumi is stuck here with nowhere to go. Luca offered to bring her to his house first (this is with pure intentions, I can vouch for it...I think) and though Kurumi had her reservations about following a man whom she just met to his house, she decided to accept his offer after hearing random beasts roar in the distance hurhur.

There are two possible storylines for Luca, each with one good and one bad ending.

Storyline 1

Upon reaching Luca's home, Kurumi got hungry. So Luca prepared some food for her...which he placed on the FLOOR and asked her to sit down and eat wut. XD

When Kurumi gave the "uhhh..." face, Luca thought it's because she's in a new environment, and animals tend to be more reserved and suspicious of their surroundings when they are in a new environment...

Okay, so he REALLY thinks she's an animal what the heck. XD Then as if coaxing a frightened kitty, he went "Come, come, don't be afraid~~~", lifted and placed Kurumi in front of him and started feeding the food to her!!! *dies of teh cute*

Later on, Luca showed Kurumi to her room. Tired out, Kurumi stripped out of her clothes (because she doesn't want to get them wrinkled) and went to sleep.

Fast forward to the middle of the night, Kurumi woke up to a faint noise...and noticed there's someone in the room!


...was what she thought. Except that he totally didn't sound like Luca. Instead of speaking like a CD being put on -1 speed, he spoke in this smooth and sexy tone that makes me go "aaah~~~" *faint-ish*




マタキタ━━━━ (*゚∀) (∀゚*)━━━━━━!!!!!!

Lol he took Kurumi's stripping out of her clothes as an invitation for him to jump into her bed and have some sexy time together. ( *´艸`)クスクス

Of course Kurumi denied it but the sexy manbeast only replied 「照れなくてもいいよ、悪戯仔猫ちゃん」 ohohoho. ヾ(≧▽≦)ノギャハハ☆

Next thing, he pushed her onto the bed and started to ravish her. Wtf so fast??? Err, I mean, oh noes! (*^ヮ^*) Kurumi struggled and in a moment of panic grabbed something off the nightstand and knocked him out cold hahahahaha. At first she freaked out because she thought he was dead but upon realising he was just out cold, she relaxed and fell asleep exhausted. Uh...I'm not sure I can fall asleep when a hot guy is out cold on top of an underwear-clad me but whatever hur.

Next morning Kurumi woke up, saw Luca still on top of her, shrieked and kicked him off the bed lol. Luca then woke up and was back to speaking in his -1 speed mode, going " hurts...why..." *few seconds later* "...ah...I need to wake Kurumi which room is she in..." XD Kurumi then called out to him and he was like "Eh? This is your room? How come I'm here? ... Maa ikka." XDDD

Obviously Kurumi was all puzzled that Luca doesn't seem to remember what happened. But later on, when she was helping him tend to the bruise on his head, he suddenly recalled what happened. "Oh yeah you hit me on the head while I was attacking you last night." ∵ゞ(≧ε≦● )プッ


Anyway, the long and short of it was that Luca has two personalities, day!Luca and night!Luca. So in the day, we have a cute Luca, and in the night we have a sexy Luca. The day!Luca is sweet and adorable while the night!Luca know. ;D

Later on day!Luca told Kurumi to take a bath since she's all dirty from the day before. Kurumi was a little apprehensive due to what happened the night before and told Luca not to peek at her but Luca only went "Peek at you??? Why would I peek at you???" ahaha. Also, no sooner did she enter the bathroom than she came out looking for Luca going 「し、し、し、下着......を...」 hahaha. Glad to know the game writers still care about hygiene lol.

Then night comes and once again Kurumi stripped out of her uniform and went to bed in her underwear.





So again, Luca got into her room and said she must want him to ravish her as well since she didn't lock the door even after he told her to, before proceeding to jump into her bed and molest her lol.


Ugh, I swear night!Luca's 「仔猫ちゃん」 kills me so. *pretends to get shot*

And YET again, Kurumi grabbed something off the nightstand and knocked Luca out cold. 。゚(●´∀`●)゚。ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

So anyway, Kurumi managed to settle down in Luca's house, helping out with the cooking and cleaning in the day while Luca goes out to "work". Apparently the forest (called "sasayaki no mori") where Kurumi was transported to is the overlapping territory between the two territories that make up the demon world. It's suppose to be off limits so as to avoid disputes between both territories. But there are often human world objects to be found there so Luca would visit the forest to collect those items and sell them for a high price at the market. (As a matter of fact, his house is located on the overlapping territory wut.) Well, that would explain his behaviour when he found Kurumi. *nattoku*

Days went by and Kurumi slowly found herself getting attracted to day!Luca (not the night one as she has learned to lock her door when night comes haha). Because despite being in the day mode, this guy still retains his ability to make women go dokidoki. Only difference (compared to night!Luca) is that he says cute stuff instead of sexy stuff. Like going 「くるみ~......好き~......」 when Kurumi says she'd cook something delicious for him. ((≧ω≦)) However, Kurumi knows better than to attach any significance to those words and gestures because he'!Luca. Instead she tried to suppress her feelings and told herself not to think too much.

One day, day!Luca bought Kurumi a change of clothes. A nice black dress. With a white apron. And cap. YES. He bought her a meido-fuku! XD Kurumi was like "!!!" but wore it anyway hurhur. She asked Luca why he bought her a meido-fuku but day!Luca being day!Luca, he just went "Meido...???" XD

Then she asked him whether it's because it looks sexy (low-cut design ahem), hoping that it means he actually sees her as a woman but instead: 「そういうことは~......夜の僕に見せて~......聞いてみないとね~......」 Ahaha. Kurumi was all "N-no thanks." XD Then Luca started spinning her around (awww) until they fell into a heap on the floor. *cue sudden silence and change of atmosphere* Kurumi thought Luca was gonna kiss her so she closed her eyes, only to hear him go "I'm hungry..." =.= NANDE YA NEN?!?!?!

Blah blah blah day!Luca continues to be totally clueless and makes Kurumi likes him more with his adorkable behaviour and aimai kotoba. Still Kurumi denies her feelings and tells herself that she's just mistaking his kindness for like/love. However, she acknowledges that she'd probably fall in love with Luca for reals if she continues to interact with him and thus thought of going home. She asked Luca a few times how she can return to the human world but each time he'd only reply "idk sorry". (I think he's just pretending he doesn't know because he doesn't want her to go back. Sub-consciously of course.)

One day, while looking at the moon together (goddammit how romantic ugh), Luca told Kurumi about "akatsuki no ban" i.e. Night of the Red Moon. It's a phenomenon where the moon turns red and occurs once every few years. On such nights, miracles happen, and apparently, this phenomenon will be occurring this year. This "akatsuki no ban" thing is a very important part of ALL the guys' stories so remember it okay. Re-read this paragraph if you need to.

Back to the main story, Kurumi started to sub-consciously avoid Luca to prevent herself from liking him any further because she knew that he doesn't see her that way. BUT NO ONE CAN FIGHT DAY!LUCA'S CHARM. So eventually she admitted to herself that she does like Luca. For reals.

One day, during lunch, Kurumi decided to confess after drinking some alcohol Luca brought home (from sasayaki no mori I presume). However day!Luca being the dumbo day!Luca thought she was sick when he saw her red face wtf. He kept interrupting Kurumi's confession while pestering her to return to her bedroom, making Kurumi all "UGH STFU AND LISTEN TO ME!!!" hahaha.

When she tried to confess again after Luca tucked her into bed, the moon changed colour and day!Luca turned to night!Luca! Who wasted no time in smooching her to death. (*ノノ)キャー He said that he knows that Kurumi likes him and asked her to say it. Kurumi says she likes Luca but it's not the night!Luca she likes but the day one. Ouch. But night!Luca only smoothly replied 「おかしなことを言うね。さっきも今も、僕はリュカだよ。他の誰でもない。」 Then he made a day!Luca face and asked 「君を~......抱いても~......いい~......?」, which made Kurumi go "!"...and said "okay" wuuut daaah heeeck.

Um. (._.;) You know, I like night!Luca but I didn't quite like it that he used Kurumi's liking for day!Luca to make her accept him. But oh well...I suppose they needed to move the plot along.

So with night!Luca's super seduction skills, Kurumi gave in and they did it. After that, Luca asked her whether she regrets it.


いまさら何を言う。 =.=

Then oh morning comes and Luca returns to his clueless self and hurts Kurumi with his nonchalant behaviour after a night of passion. T_T

Later in the night, Kurumi tells Luca that the one she likes is still day!Luca after all and she just can't see both of them as one person.



The sigh Luca made when Kurumi said that she still likes day!Luca better was just (´・ω・`) I can almost forgive him for coaxing Kurumi to have s3x with him by mimicking day!Luca's voice and mannerism. Almost.

Anyway, night!Luca tried to convince her again that both he and day!Luca are the same person and there's no need for her to differentiate between the two. Considering that Kurumi has only interacted with day!Luca so far, the fact that night!Luca also likes her (so much that he has stopped meeting all other women he used to fool around with) proves that day!Luca's feelings is connected to night!Luca's and...aiya, don't know how to say it. Why so confusing??? ┗(;´Д`)┛

After that, Kurumi started going through some emotional struggle thing because while she still likes day!Luca, she was slowly starting to like night!Luca as well. Possibly because night!Luca was able to give her lots of affection and s3x which she couldn't get from day!Luca.

Yet despite the internal struggle, Kurumi couldn't help but continue her nightly sexcapades with night!Luca because he was just too sexy to resist.

I feel you, Kurumi. Like, totally.

One of my favourite night!Luca scenes here. One fine day, day!Luca asked Kurumi to read him a book he got. But Kurumi was so busy with housework that she was unable to do so until evening. By then night!Luca has already come out and he was like "You ignored me the whole day. I was so lonely." awww.

So then they went to Luca's room, laid down on the bed and Kurumi read the book to him. However, Luca seemed to be more interested in her than the book, and kept staring at her. "Luca, are you listening?" "I am~ ♥" Then he starts licking her ear!!! (*ノノ)キャー

I don't think I need to tell you how the scene ended. :P I was all "kyaa" over this scene. That is, until the last bit where day!Luca appeared in Kurumi's mind. Poor night!Luca. T_T

Later on Luca had to go on a 4-day errand, delivering a letter from the house of a certain professor to the castle of a certain owner. I don't know about the other players but it's so obvious to me who the certain professor and certain owner are haha.

On the fourth day, Kurumi decided to bake a cake for Luca and went to the marketplace to buy some flour. However, she forgot that she didn't have any money on her until it was time for payment oops. Luckily, a young woman who was passing by reached out and paid for her. And this young woman is none other than Ashe from Under The Moon! \(^o^)/ I love it when they have character cameos like this!

Later on her way back home, it started snowing. Because of that, Kurumi ended up catching a cold and fainted. When she woke up, night!Luca was beside her. At first she tried to hide her feelings because she felt bad about making Luca worry but Luca asked her to not to keep hiding her emotions behind a heiki face all the time. So she cried and fessed up about how lonely she was, how she was looking forward to baking the cake for him and how bad she felt about getting sick and troubling him instead. After a hug and some kisses, they held hands and slept together. :3

Blah blah blah and the vicious cycle continues. A couple of emotional roller-coaster rides later, Kurumi decided she has enough of this double-personality shit. No longer is she content with just night!Luca's love. She wants day!Luca to love her too. So she kissed day!Luca, hoping to sexually arouse stimulate him into feeling something for her.

But when she asked him how he felt about the kiss...


何???!!!キスしてるなって思っただけだと???!!! (・`□´・)ふざけんなよっ

Luca says that although he likes her, he doesn't think any further than that. Doesn't feel like kissing her. Doesn't feel any desire for her like night!Luca does. Kurumi was, of course, terribly upset and started crying, making poor Luca panic and going "gomen ne :(".

Later in a bath together with night!Luca, Kurumi rejected his advances...but Luca pushed on anyway hurhur. Kurumi gave in but stopped him again when he asked whether he can put it in. Wow, okay.

Kurumi then told night!Luca that she's not sure if they should continue this (is it just me or have we already gone though this a few times already zzz) because although she likes night!Luca and enjoys t3h s3x, she just can't bear having to deal with the constant switch in personalities anymore.


Upon hearing her words, it was Luca's turn to be sad. For once, he wasn't his usual flirty self. He said that this double-personality is something he's born with and not something he can control. So although he also wants to be able to express his love to Kurumi both day and night, he can't. Kurumi acknowledged that she's not the only one who's got a problem with this. However, she feels that even more so, they shouldn't carry on like this anymore...


...except that night!Luca wouldn't hear of it, and promptly expressed his stand by tying her hands with a towel and then do (sorry I just can't bring myself to say "f**k") her from behind. は、激しい。O_O

Later on, Luca made a heartfelt speech to Kurumi about his feelings. I have to say I was quite moved since for once, he's not being all "seeex" but totally ~serious~. And here's my favourite part of his speech:


Luca tells her that if she really likes day!Luca despite the fact that he can never return her feelings, then he'll not let her meet day!Luca anymore, and instead make her only his, night!Luca's. He then told her to think about it and meanwhile, asked if he could sleep with her for the night.

Good Ending

Kurumi accepts Luca's request to sleep with her despite the fact that it'd be painful when morning comes and day!Luca acts like nothing happened.

In the morning, Kurumi decided to give it one last shot and asked day!Luca how he feels about her. As usual, he says he likes her but not in a way where he wants to kiss her etc. So she decided that yes, she'd give up on day!Luca and give her all to just night!Luca.

Then "akatsuki no ban" comes and Luca injects some of his "life energy" into Kurumi to convert her into a succubus (female counterpart of incubus). On top of that, Luca also made it such that she falls into a deep sleep during the day so that she will not be able to interact with day!Luca anymore. A good ending but a little sad too. *sniffs*

Bad Ending

In the bad ending, Kurumi rejects his request. She also decided to stop meeting night!Luca and locked her door at night because she didn't want to carry on the relationship with him while she's still undecided about her feelings towards both personalities.

So essentially, Kurumi resumed her life to what it was like in the beginning before her confession. One day, day!Luca suddenly asked whether Kurumi dislike him. Kurumi was surprised and asked him why he thought so, and he was like 「なんとなく~......?」 Hmmm, I guess her attitude towards night!Luca transferred over??? Because he then gave her a smile that made Kurumi "shiver". It's like you can see a faint shadow of night!Luca within day!Luca. Freaky.

That night, Kurumi was still wondering why day!Luca would ask such a question when zomg night!Luca appeared in her room! Apparently, night!Luca was really hurt that she started avoiding him and decided that he'd consume part of HER "life energy" which will allow him to take control of her mind and make her obey whatever he says. O_O




Aaand I'll leave the second storyline to another post because it's getting really long. Man, are you sure Luca is a sub-character??? I mean his story is so...voluminous! XP Doesn't help that I'm so long-winded and find EVERY event interesting hurhurhur.

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