Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sumire no Tsubomi Complete!

337 CGs
914 Memories
73 Endings

All collected! \^o^/

Finally. I finally finished my first ever otome game (trials not counted)!!! (Edit 03/05: Okay, this is pretty misleading. I mean that Sumire no Tsubomi is my first otome game and I finally finished it. I've already completed a few games which I started later. Check out here for the list.)

And I swear Mirai has (one of) the longest otome games. =.=

Had a pretty hard time trying to collect all the memories. Thanks to the walkthrough here and hints here, I finally managed to get them all. Whew.

As a result, I'm feeling really tired now. *flops* I think I'll have to leave the fandisc to next weekend instead. I don't want to play it with my mind numbed from the excessive replays to get the missing memories (no, I can't cheat and load from the save points). I want to play it with a fresh mind so that I can allow the moe-ness to fully sink into my consciousness and slowly savour the goodness of it. Yeah. :D

Edit 24/04 5:39pm: Okay, forget it. I can't wait one week. So I'm playing it now. Just cried buckets over Yanagi's after story. *sniffs*

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