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Ijiwaru My Master / Luca (2)

It's Luca Part 2!


Storyline 2

The first half of Storyline 2 is similar to Storyline 1, with variations in the CG events events. For example, in some scenes, Luca was in his day mode instead of the night mode. It was actually quite interesting to see the differences. At least it didn't make the repeated scenes feel that...repeated. ^^

I'll just touch on the variation parts for the first half of the story so I recommend reading the previous review post before continuing.

1. In the beginning, instead of feeding Kurumi with the spoon, Luca actually fed her the milk with HIS MOUTH zomg.

How unhygienic (lol).

But it's fine in this case since Luca is cute hurhur. So...いや~~~ん!!! ♥ *rolls around on floor* (Yeah it's a shallow world over here at this blog. Deal with it lalala.)

Kurumi, however, was less than thrilled and was all "!!!" haha.

After freaking Kurumi out with the mouth-to-mouth feeding, Luca says he'll show her to her room. Naturally, Kurumi got wary and asked:


SO CUTE. (≧▽≦)

2. Next was during the moon-watching scene. Luca noticed Kurumi's blue rose necklace and asked where she got it from. Kurumi says it's from her koibito and OH. MY. GOD. LUCA!!!


OMG OMG OMG!!! WHAT IS THIS!!! DAY!LUCA IS ACTUALLY FEELING SAD THAT KURUMI HAS A BOYFRIEND???!!! One of my favourite day!Luca scenes right there. :D

3. Then there was the book-reading scene.

This time, Kurumi agreed to read the book to day!Luca immediately. (For the bad ending, she asks if she can do it later.) While we didn't have moe stuff like ear-licking, we have day!Luca thanking Kurumi for reading the book to him by giving her a kiss on the cheek! SO CUTE CAN DIE OK. ヾ(≧∀≦*)ノ彡

4. Later on, like in Storyline 1, Kurumi tried to sexually arouse stimulate day!Luca into liking her because SHE WANTS BOTH DAY! AND NIGHT!LUCA DAMMIT. But again, Luca tells Kurumi that although he likes her, he doesn't think of things like kissing etc.

Unlike in Storyline 1, the scene continued on. Day!Luca suddenly changed the topic, asking Kurumi to go take a bath since they were both out in the snow earlier. Kurumi asked him to go ahead first since he's colder than her (he helped to towel her dry earlier kyaa) but he refused.

Then he suggested that both of them take a bath together. :DDD (Recall in Storyline 1, Kurumi bathed with night!Luca.)

So they sat in the bathtub, talked, washed each other's back and played with a rubber duckie together. After that, Luca was like "Let's do this again tomorrow!" UGH. WHY SO CUTE. *dead*

And here's where we get to the new stuff!

Later on, Kurumi felt that she likes day!Luca more after all and decided to stop meeting night!Luca so that she won't get greedy and want both and make herself unhappy. When night!Luca came knocking on her locked door, asking her to let him in, she stood firm and didn't open the door. (For the bad ending, she gives in and opens the door almost immediately. So uh, I guess we are suppose to play hard to get? Haha.)



Night!Luca was like "I guess you still prefer day!Luca to me. Okay, I understand. I'll not come and meet you anymore in the night. Because I don't want to make you cry." God it's so touching whenever night!Luca gets all serious in his declaration of his love for Kurumi. T_T






After that night!Luca started to walk away back to his room and Kurumi was like "omg what am I doing" and dashed out to apologise to him. Then they went to Luca's room where Kurumi decides to stop the discrimination and tells Luca that she likes him regardless of whether he's in day or night mode because 「リュカはリュカだもの。」 yay. Night!Luca was of course very happy and hugged her tightly. Then they kissed and went to sleep together. I love such scenes. It's so...gyuu-ish! ^^

Next day, after day!Luca went out to buy some groceries (and on his way back pop over to "sasayaki no mori" to see if he can find any valuable human-world-objects), it started snowing. Kurumi recalled that Luca didn't bring any umbrella with him and decided to go out and fetch him.

She went to the marketplace first. While looking for Luca, she saw a puppy and a dog playing with each other. She commented that dogs from the demon world don't seem to be very much different from human world ones but the obasan nearby says that the dog is from the human world. Kurumi then asked the obasan whether the puppy is the child of the dog and the obasan told her that the puppy is actually much older than the dog and would remain a puppy for the next tens of years.

Why am I babbling on about dogs that appeared in the game you ask? Because here is when Kurumi got to know that humans and demons have different life spans. Which means she'll grow old and die waaay before Luca. Shocked, Kurumi ran off in search of Luca, hoping that he'd tell her it's a lie but ended up getting lost in the snow.

As Kurumi walked on, the snow stopped and she looked up to find herself in "sasayaki no mori"! Suddenly a strong gust of wind (sounds familiar?) came and blew her umbrella away. She chased after it, only to see her umbrella get swallowed up into the ground. Moving forward, Kurumi saw a large and windy black hole. Creeped out, she tried to step away from it but instead got caught by another gust of strong wind and found herself getting dragged towards the hole nooo. D:

Good Ending

Just when she was about to fall in, she screamed for Luca and then tada! Luca appears to drag her away!!! Apparently he thought she wanted to leave him and go back to the human world (via the black hole) and was like 「ダメ~......、人間界に帰ったらダメ......」 THAT REALLY HAD ME MELTING IN MY SEAT OK. ♥


Up till now, Luca has always told Kurumi that he doesn't know how she can return to the human world. But it turns out that it was all LIES!!! Luca KNOWS that the hole leads back to the human world but has kept it from Kurumi. Also, he has managed to get permission from the Demon King for Kurumi to return to the human world the legit way via some kind of door some time back but has kept it from her too. BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT HER TO GO BACK OMGGG. ♥



I guess his feelings was "awakened" the moment he saw Kurumi about to fall into the hole back to the human world. Yeah. So now both day!Luca and night!Luca are on the same page yay. ^^V And it was just total cuteness from that point onwards, seeing day!Luca showing his affection for Kurumi in a cute way as opposed to the sexy way that night!Luca does.

Later Kurumi asks if he remember the first time he "kissed" her when he fed her milk with his mouth. He says he remembers the occasion but he can't remember how the kiss was like. So he kisses her again in an effort to try and "recall" hahaha so naughty. XD Oh well, now that his feelings have been "awakened", I guess it's not really surprising since he's an incubus after all. XD

So then Kurumi asks if he managed to remember after the kiss, and his answer?

"I guess it tasted like milk?"

No Luca, you still don't remember anything. XD

Then they headed home, where they kissed again right after stepping in.



Oh yeah genkan rabu scene ftw lol. The whole thing was eye-opener haha. At first I thought with day!Luca's -1 way of talking, it's gonna sound really awkward but nope! Sounded perfectly fine to me! :D

And let's just say day!Luca doesn't lose out to night!Luca in terms of...stamina. :D

In the end, like Storyline 1, Luca made use of akatsuki no ban to turn Kurumi into an incubus. Turns out he KNEW about the life span thing too but decided to keep it from Kurumi until akatsuki no ban so that she'd not worry unnecessarily. This made me realise that Luca isn't as air-headed or superficial as he appeared to be, but instead really thinks and plans ahead for his future with Kurumi. 好感度アップ! (*^-^*)

And so they live happily ever after. Day and night. :D

Bad Ending

I call this the quick-death ending.

Here, Luca didn't come to save Kurumi and she falls into the dark hole!!!

Moments later, she found herself back in the human world (somehow her meido-fuku was gone and she was wearing her seifuku), and there she was feeling confused and stuff when someone walked pass her.

It's Homura-kun!

At first I thought, "Okay, it's not THAT bad. She still has Homura-kun."

So Kurumi quickly ran over and tried to tell Homura what happened to her.


は?! i.e. he doesn't recognise her wtf???

Where the heck did she get transported to??? Another world??? D:

It seems to me that although she returned to the human world, she was transported into a different time zone where Homura DOESN'T know her!!! ... And neither does her friend who came over to join Homura!

そこまでしなくても... (´・ω・`)

So she was left stranded on the streets with absolutely no idea where she is. D:

Let's hope her parents recognise her at least!

Well, this is obviously a "convenient" type of bad ending i.e. kick Kurumi back into the human world. Not that it's sucky or whatever. In fact, I kind of predicted there'd be an ending like this somewhere. If not in Luca's route, then some other guy's. Definitely not as "zomg" as the first bad ending though it's still kind of sad.

And that's all for Luca's plot. Will do up a short afterthoughts post on Luca before I move on to the next guy! ^^ Also, if there's anyone out there who is actually waiting for my spoiler-tastic and trashy reviews, I apologise for the super slow postings. I can only say that being a cubicle rat does not leave me with a lot of time to play as much otome games as I'd like, much less write about them. =.= Nevertheless, thanks for following this blog despite its terrible posting frequency! XD

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